Mi Elite Has 3 Silver Finishes at GLLI

by MacKenzie Lawler

Over the weekend we had three MI Elite Teams take a silver medal at the Great Lakes Lacrosse Invitational tournament in Lansing. Our Black team played in the 2017/2018 division, went 4-2 for the weekend, and finished with a silver medal. The Blue team played up in the 2018/2019 division and also went 4-2 and finished with a silver medal. The Green team played in the 2020/2021 division and also finished with another silver medal. Overall they went 4-3 and won in overtime in the semifinals to make it to the finals! The White team played in the 2021/2022 division and finished 3-4 while the Pink team played in their first tournament of the summer and finished 3-4 as well.